Don't forget to laugh, it all ends the same...


I feel that at times I live in a paradox.

There are issues, challenges and goals in life that are important, super important and absorb much of our thoughts and actions.

Bad things happen in our lives.  For some, really bad things happen.  Horrific, terrible, soul destroying things.

There are times when others around us expect us to be serious.  To be professional.  To act with compassion and empathy.

But there are such amazing experiences in life.  Little moments that bring joy and happiness. 

Time spent with friends and family.

The excitement and anticipation of a new relationship.

The birth of a child, a wedding.  A holiday and timeout.

As a parent of two young boys, I'm constantly reminded that no matter how hard things are, what's going on and the challenges we're facing, there's always time to relish the simple joy in a fart joke!

Maybe it's just me, but I know there is a part of me that has struggled to grow up and be the serious, mature adult the world seems to expect us to be.  

I find myself drawn to the humorous side of most situations - though I often feel I'm the only one.  That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the seriousness or importance of the circumstances and that I won't act accordingly. 

I've found that being able to find something to laugh about helps drive a more positive outlook and to bring some perspective to the issue.  In most cases, things could always be worse!

Despite the ups and downs we'll have along the way, we're all on a journey to the same destination - we're all unified in sharing a common final outcome...

We only get one shot at life, why wouldn't you want to find the little joys along the way?

chris turnerComment