Neurodiversity Inclusion & Awareness Training

Neurodiversity Inclusion Made Simple

We teach you how to increase diversity in the workplace through inclusion of Neurodiverse staff.

With the rising need to meet the challenges of innovation, creativity and productivity - existing talent strategies can benefit substantially from including a more diverse range of people.

Autistic, dyslexic and ADHD employees are well placed to create value and support your talent needs - we believe our role is to help you to make the most of this talent pool that is right on your door step.

There are many key benefits to adopting a more neurodiverse inclusive workforce.

But the impact and benefits of inclusion of neurodiverse people in work goes beyond the commercial gains employers can make.

See the follow up on Tim from ABC’s Employable Me 2018 series on how employment has impacted his life.

Would you like to get ahead when conducting interviews for neurodiverse candidates?

With a few simple adjustments, you could substantially increase your potential candidate base and access true out of the box thinking.

Increasing diversity in your workplace doesn’t need to be complex or challenging. With more and more organisations embracing the neurodiversity advantage, is it time to review your interview process?

Neurodiversity Inclusion Training

Ok, so you’ve got a pretty good understanding of the basics of neurodiversity. You’ve seen and heard plenty about being inclusive of neurodiverse staff can be an advantage to your business.

But, you’re not sure how to progress. You’re not sure that your recruitment process is inclusive. You’re also pretty sure that you or your hiring managers really know how best to support a neurodiverse team member.

Don’t let that uncertainty and worry stop you. We can help you build the knowledge and confidence to be an inclusive recruiter. Our Neurodiversity Awareness Training fills in the gaps on how to create inclusive recruitment processes to reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

We’ll show you how to support your hiring managers and staff to create an environment that not only allows neurodiverse team members to survive, but enables them and everyone else to thrive.

Neurodiverse Power Plan

 Laser Coaching:
Focused, on point support to breakdown barriers and get you moving forward

No matter what problem you’re having, when it comes to neurodiverse inclusion and employment, sometimes you just need some help right now.

With unlimited coaching sessions for one annual fee, there is no limit to your ability to achieve success.

Suitable for both neurodiverse job seekers as well as those seeking to improve neurodiverse inclusion or supporting neurodiverse staff.


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