Ep 11 - Nip Wijewickrema of GG's Flowers

Now here is someone who’s a little different to the other guests that I’ve had on the show to-date.

Nip doesn’t work for some large corporate and isn’t a self advocate paving her own way.

However, she is one driven individual with a big heart and a big dream and she’s certainly making amazing inroads towards that dream!

Nip and her mother along with support from her family opened a floristry business with the underlying purpose of providing an employment opportunity for her sister. This is a real family affair and a very personal mission that is touching the lives of so many other people in Nip’s community.

Jump on, have a listen and see if there isn’t something in Nip’s experiences that you couldn’t use in your own situation or context.

To find out more about GG’s Flowers, please head over to their website and see what they have on offer - and keep an eye out for new products/services that might be available in your area in the future!

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