Ep 13 James Mahoney, Executive Director JP Morgan & Head of Autism @ Work Program

It was a real privileged to be able to get some time with James and talk about the experience at JP Morgan of exploring the recruitment of neurodiverse staff.

James talks about how the business is seeing real value being created, with new autistic employees getting up to speed faster and being substantially 40-80% more productive than their neurotypical peers.

The performance of their neurodiverse staff underpins the original premise for the JP Morgan Austism@Work program and that was Talent.

However, the bank has also seen the enormous social gains that an effort to be more inclusive can bring. Staff who had previously gone without a drivers licence for 10 years or more had gone and got their licence. Staff had moved out of home and were making inroads in their romantic lives!

It is these simple changes in the daily lives of people that can truly lead to profound and lasting impacts. The increase in confidence, self worth and freedom cannot be measured.

Well done to JP Morgan and I for one look forward to seeing the continued growth and success of their autism hiring efforts.

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