Ep 8 - Rob Austin, Professor Ivey School of Business

Rob’s bio from LinkedIn:

Researcher, teacher, and experienced manager at major multinational corporations (automotive and technology companies) and also educational institutions (dean of a business school, CEO of an executive education foundation); experienced C-Level consultant to multinational companies; faculty chair and faculty member in executive education programs at Harvard Business School, Harvard Medical School, and elsewhere; author of several books and more than 100 articles and cases.

Rob has worked extensively with a number of organisations in the US who have been paving the way when it comes to neurodiverse recruitment and realising the value and benefits of having a more diverse workforce. Rob published an article entitled “Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage” following his study of the programs being adopted by a number of US corporates for the recruitment of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Rob shares his thoughts on the critical elements that sit around the efforts to recruit and retain neurodiverse individuals. Leveraging the capabilities and networks of ‘social partners’ in finding and preparing candidates and supporting new hires once employed.

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