Neurodiversity Training & Masterclasses


Helping you to feel confident to progress your intention to recruit and retain a range of staff from autistic to dyslexic or those with ADHD for example, is a key part of our mission.

We also understand that every organisation is different and at different stages - so we won’t ask you to take a one size fits all approach to training and education.

To get you started, we have a free 30 minute webinar covering the background and basics of Neurodiversity, including benefits of Neurodiversity and barriers to employment (ie what you might be doing wrong today).



Short, bite sized lessons on specific topics relevant to the recruitment and employment journey. With a neurodiverse twist.

The masterclasses are designed to provide an entry to the skills and knowledge that will help you make a success of your recruitment of neurodiverse candidates.


Better Interviews

Less stress. Less confusion. Easier hiring.


Providing Instructions

Remove confusion. Reduce rework. Be more productive.

Workplace Adjustments

Small changes. Big impacts. Productive staff.



If you’ve completed the masterclasses or are looking for something a little more in depth or hands on, we’re ready to roll up the sleeves and get stuck right in with you.

From our Neurodiversity in the Workplace workshop - covering an overview of Neurodiversity through to some interactive exercises to develop some practical actions you can take to become more inclusive, all the way through to more bespoke training preparations, we can help get your learning journey well underway!