Workplace Support for Neurodiverse Employees

Such as autistic or dyslexic staff 


Want to level up as an employer or manager?

Why hire neurodiverse employees?

There are great benefits to extending your hiring to include candidates who might otherwise be excluded by your current recruitment approach such as those who identify as being neurodiverse.

Candidates with Aspergers, ADHD, Dyslexia or other neurodiverse conditions can bring valuable capabilities and attributes to work such as:

  • Highly punctual with a strong work ethic

  • Honest and direct

  • Strong attention to detail

  • High personal standards when it comes to quality of work

  • Detailed factual knowledge and an excellent memory

  • Visual or spacial creativity - great for identifying patterns and process improvement opportunities

  • High levels of intelligence and critical thinking

  • Lower than average absence rates and overall turnover

Unfortunately, despite the positive qualities they typically possess and can bring to work, many neurodiverse people are often put at a disadvantage when it comes to the recruitment and selection process.

With a different way of thinking and often with challenges around social interaction, typical recruitment practices don't provide the best conditions for these candidates to demonstrate their strengths positively. 

Coupled with a lack of understanding and awareness on the part of many interviewers, interview performance can be misconstrued and as a result employers will usually miss the opportunity to hire someone who, in the long run, will often outperform and outlast the candidate usually hired.

With some relatively minor changes you can readily make your recruitment and selection process one that will allow potential Asperger, Autistic or other neurodiverse applicants to demonstrate their abilities and give you the confidence to make great hiring decisions.


Workplace Adjustments

By making minor adjustments to your workplace practices, such as the way that you give instructions to staff, can help your neurodiverse staff be productive as well as potentially benefiting all your staff.   

You may also need to consider making allowances for sensory sensitivities, this could be allowing your new staff to sit away from noisy office equipment or bright lighting (including windows) or being able to wear headphone whilst they work.

Adjustments to support a productive and comfortable working environment are usually relatively minor and process changes will generally be of benefit to your entire workforce.  As such they don't need to be seen as being discreet changes for one person, but rather more of an overall process improvement opportunity.


So What's Next?

Ready to up your overall productivity and reduce turnover and absenteeism?  Who wouldn't want to hire staff who want to come to work, enjoy their roles and are committed and diligent?

Want to know more about hiring and supporting Asperger or other neurodiverse candidates?

How about your graduate, internship or vacation programs? Wouldn't it be great to have more diversity not just applying but being successful in these hiring programs? I agree!

I'm ready to chat when you are.  Tell me about where you're at and what you're looking to achieve.


Do you have Aspergers, autistic or other neurodiverse staff? Are you having troubles in communication and/or performance?

Then you might want something more 'hands on' .  I provide workplace support and coaching to your team leaders/hiring managers, HR teams as well as your new or existing staff to foster an environment for success. 

I can be your workplace caddy, making sure that every one is swinging with the right club every time.   

Whether you're playing 9 holes or 18, or just looking for some putting green assistance, let's work together to make it an all round win!

Photo by  Igor Ovsyannykov  on  Unsplash