Inclusion of Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Having a deeper understanding of what Neurodiversity is, how it can be beneficial to your business and how to hire neurodiverse people are the core components of this workshop.

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Workshop Outline

Businesses across many industries and of various sizes are facing similar challenges when it comes to sourcing talent. Equally there is a growing awareness and appreciation of the real commercial value to be generated through increased workforce diversity, more particularly through recruiting Neurodiverse talent.

This workshop provides Human Resources, Recruitment and Diversity and Inclusion teams, along with People Leaders in any business the essential knowledge to:

  • Confidently alter or amend recruitment practices

  • Confidently alter or amend their onboarding process

  • Confidently adjust their communication and management approach

In order to become more inclusive of Neurodiverse candidates and staff and to benefit from the contribution these employees can make to their businesses.

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